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I do like Japan.  The people are friendly and kind.  Anyone here remember what KIND means?  I study the culture, history, and business.  I practice Kenjutsu, Aikido, and speak Japanese.  Well ok, some of you know me, and let’s just say I Do like Japan and I study, but the rest is a subjective thing. I speak Japanese poorly and barely have time for martial arts.

I will post some things about my experiences in Japan, my friends, and studying.  If you get the opportunity, post some of your own Japan topic favorites.

Wakura Tera - わくらのてら

Here I visited and had tea with the Priest and his family.  I had a nice invitation through my new Japanese family, who has come to this temple for over 50 years. I’ll post his garden later.  He was quite proud of it, and for good reason.  That beautiful hillside you see keeps going up out of the picture.  It is a beautiful place.

Japan Posts

Japanese study tools


  1. John,
    I am in the process of changing everything over to 2010. It is coming along especially with the help of sites like yours as it relates to the little nuances. My question at this time is do you have any connections in obtaining a boundary or ALTA survey equivalent in Japanese? I am a surveyor and would like to have something equivalent to what we do but in Japanese. I can get it framed and mapped. It would be a nice conversation piece.
    Thanks, Jeff Miller

    Comment by Jeff Miller | February 1, 2010 | Reply

    • Jeff,
      That’s a hell of a good question. I do not, but would gladly join you in getting one. I tell you, mechanical stuff I have seen, but not survey. Hmm. where to start?
      If I come up with something, I’ll post it for sure. Soon I’ll get some more pics up from Japan. The stormwater items are especially interesting.

      Comment by John Evans | February 1, 2010 | Reply

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