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Japanese Study Tools – George Trombley is a great guy, who really cares about his students.  He got me moving with my studies and I cannot thank him enough (even though I don’t call him hardly at all, sorry George).  He even came to visit me when I went out to Vegas.  This is hands down the best Japanese reference online.  The fees are not much, and I guarantee you will have all the study and new information you can stand.  You need help, and there are people to help.  I was with George a year and change, with mild study daily.  I didn’t know I could do ok with my skills until my Japanese family came to visit, and some could not speak English.  We had a great time, thanks George!

Japanese Phrase of the Day from About…

Denshi Jisho Dictionary – This dictionary may seem limited, but the hot links to each kanji, with example sentences are awesome.  This is one of my favorite references.

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