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Japan – Feb. 28 Phrase of the Day


Sukii tte ikkai yattara yamitsuki ni naru

Once you try skiing, You’re hooked.


Today’s focus will be on ‘yamitsuki ni naru’

Yamitsuki means hooked; ni naru means to become.

Repeat this over and over all day.  My boys will work with it until they can repeat it on queue.  Remember these are such a useful supplement.  They helped me a lot.

Bonus study.  Can anyone figure out what this kana word is?  Can you replace it in out study sentence?

インベンター Inbentaa

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Japan – Vocab 9/17/09


[たいおうする] taiou suru – to correspond


interaction; correspondence; coping with; dealing with; support


Vista対応ゲーム動かしたいです。I want to run a VISTA game.

Here VISTA対応 refers to ‘Corresponding’ or ‘Supported by’ Vista

ファイルCivil3D2010対応ファイル変換して再送してくれます。Can you please convert this file into a Civil 3D 2010 file, and resend it?

Again here, 対応 is used as a modifier to express a supported version.

その日本語対応する英語ない。That Japanese word has no English equivalent.

The usage A に対応する B はない is used in the sense of ‘As for the correspondace or A to B there is none’.

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Japan Day 1

After getting a feel for everything, we went to see my new friend Yuji Fukuoka at Nishida Machine Company in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan.  We took a traing to Otori station.  Trains…..  Did you know that you can take a train to anywhere you want to go in Japan.  They run on time.  The gravest incident on a train delay within the last 10 years (I think) was an absolute melt down incident.  The train was only 6 minutes late. 

I said to my bunch on our last day, with all the bags and gifts, “just jump off and get clear of the door”.  I got 30 seconds to get 200 pounds of stuff off this train, or I’ll be going to visit another town without you.  The train people are serious. Continue reading

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