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EG Volume Surface calculations

The topic discussed in this post is a routine calculation, usually related to FG cut and fill quantities. Occasionally, a client has some fill stockpiled and wants the volume to determine how much additional fill he or she may need.

The following example is intended to show how to derive a volume of a portion of a surface. The overall procedure involved is the same no matter whether you are performing quantity calculations on FG fill, or simply want to see how much dirt you need to store after digging that goldfish pond you always wanted. (It’s just an example, not a desire! If I can’t cornmeal it and fry it, I’m not digging a pond for it).

The steps involved are fairly simple:

  • Create the sample surface
  • Identify the limits of the volume calculation
  • Create a comparison surface
  • Create a volume surface

Notice in the following image, the Surface named ‘EG-SURF1’. You should be able to identify the 3 mounds piled together, and the data points that established them.

clip_image001 Continue reading

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Tiered Grading in a hurry

Recently in one of the Civil 3D discussions, a poster requested a fast solution to a multi tiered grading. The requirements were 2 tiers@ 1:1 cut slope, each 4.5m deep, with a flat 1m land in between, and it appeared flat at the bottom. The fill slope was similar, but @2:1 slope. 

In an attempt to VERY quickly help the poster, I use feet in this ugly example, but the process is the same. Continue reading

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