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Civil 3D – XML Pipe Import Parts Catalog problem

Pipe Networks and the beloved XML has once again bit someone in the fanny.  This time it is the ‘Can’t Swap Part’ on imported pipe networks.

Here’s the deal.  Among all the interesting stuff an XML file will bring in for you, it won’t bring in the Parts List name.  It contains the Material and size of the part as well as the name, just not the Parts List.  I suspect this is good, considering you may not have that named List, but this still leaves us with pipes that have to be swapped.

It seems as though the Network adopts the creation aspects of the commands settings.  The network is created, and then handed the parts to complete the pipe network.  When it does, it sets them by the information in the XML.  The size is correct, but the XML has no idea what to tell your application about what these should look like, other than diameter. 

The application responds with it’s defaults.  If you have no default Parts List set, then the parts list comes in NULL. Notice the example below.

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Importing metric points into foot surface

I recently posted a solution to a metric data import problem.

Check it out on….

Importing Metric Point files into a Foot Surface on

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Surface Patching

In this exercise we will begin with the data imported in the previous posts, Import points scenario.

In this post we will Import a point group into an existing surface, and edit the surface to get rid of any legacy data. 

We will cover:

  • Cleaning out legacy points from a surface
  • Importing Point Groups into a surface
  • Exporting and Importing XML data for surfaces Continue reading

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