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Civil 3D – Find *Bug*

I was correcting a mistake that went out on one of our drawings.  It’s across the Alabama border, and Florida always gets left somewhere on a drawing.


So I used one of my favorite tools – _Find.

Really, none found.  Ok, good. Then I can count on being safe from that embarrassing issue, because I was prudent enough to check.

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Civil 3D – 2010 where the …. did it go?

Ok.  The interface is nice.  I have had the pleasure for years of using a context based interface in Inventor.  Civil 3D had had a slow migration of this in some parts of the application as well.  There are times when, no matter how nice the interface is, you just can’t find something.

Here’s a good example.  The edit menu->FIND.  I used this a great deal to search and replace information.  I use some * and keywords to index things in borders and text paragraphs when I don’t want sheet sets.  Find will replace the keywords at the tail end of the job, when I have more information.

It’s not there.  What gives.  Here is a nice help feature to get you going.

Where Is My Command?


Go to help, and in the huge list of options (apparently they were prepared for a lot of questions…. I wonder, maybe they checked out the forums.

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