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Point Display Control

There are alot of display control questions.  I will post a permanent page on the point architecture, butin the mean time, here is some input on workflow.  See also the Point Cleanup Post.

The terminology tends to get a bit muddy, since there are 2 Label Layers.  For this discussion, the P-MARKER and P-LABEL layers are what is found in the POINT STYLE.  The LABEL layer is what is found in the LABEL STYLE. Continue reading

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Point Cleanup Mindset

This is the Default point display method we utilize here. This method allows me huge flexibility, and I rarely get that, “oops, I left a point layer on” problem.  This method may not be for you. Perhaps you will still get something out of this post.

This post is for all of my readers that are having troubles with layer inheritance and Legacy mindset. Yes Legacy Mindset is a disease! It can spread. Legacy understanding and memories of how things have evolved is essential. However holding on the methods of 5 years ago will make you unprofitable. 10 years old methods will make you unemployed.  Continue reading

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Parcel Layers

This post is specifically for Parcels Entities, however many of the same principals apply to other objects as well.  I will cut this post down in favor of another that deals with Object / Display layers for all civil entities as a whole.

These layers may be way off standard for you, so customize it the way you want. 

Parcel Entities have both an Object layer and a Display Layer

One suggestion is as follows:

Object layers structured for what the Object conveys.  Display layers for whom the Object is conveyed TO.

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