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Autodesk University – LinkedIn

Are you going to AU this year? Stop by the LinkedIn AU group and tell us what you have planned, and what you are looking forward to. 

Come join he discussion and help me figure out who is going where and when ( and where I am supposed to be next). 

Autodesk University LinkedIn Group

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…the journey to the Mothership

Welcome.  ようこそ。

au09 badge

AU 2010!  Yeah, well I’m back and already looking forward to next year.

Tekni is still giving away promotions for the new 2011 courseware.  Register before 12/31 deadline to get a chance to win.

Don’t forget the supportive folks at Autodesk University, Autodesk Certifications,, BIM on the Rocks, and Tekni.

If you want to see something, please post to the Civil3D or Inventor product pages.  I will continue do my best. みんあさんがんばれ。

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Tiered Grading in a hurry

Recently in one of the Civil 3D discussions, a poster requested a fast solution to a multi tiered grading. The requirements were 2 tiers@ 1:1 cut slope, each 4.5m deep, with a flat 1m land in between, and it appeared flat at the bottom. The fill slope was similar, but @2:1 slope. 

In an attempt to VERY quickly help the poster, I use feet in this ugly example, but the process is the same. Continue reading

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