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Civil 3D – Point Style Default

I thought I had something on this, but I couldn’t find it.

One reader was having trouble with the default points.  He wanted to do some specific point styling for a specific purpose, but regularly, and to that I offer to following possibilities:

Best Solution –> Description Keys!

Set a permanent Key and use FG perhaps as the description code, and the application will assign the Point Style and Point Label Style as specified in the keys.  This is hard coded to the point.

Next –> Point Groups

Us FG as the description code and crate a Group up at the top to trap all FG codes, and specify the Style and Label Style there.  This is only as permanent as the group remains at the top of the list.

Lastly –> Point Defaults

Set the current default Point and Label style to what you want in the Create Point command settings.  Then all the points you set will default to the FG style.



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Pipe Network Default Naming Conventions

Is it possible to change the format how a structure is named?  This question was asked on the Civil 3D Discussion Board threadID=699535

Pipe Network Structures, and Pipes themselves are named by the default naming conventions found in the command settings for CreateNetwork. When Structures and Pipes are added to the Network, the naming is derived from the Network itself. Each Structure and Pipe can be manually renamed as well. 

To change the way the new objects are named, you may adjust the naming conventions in the following manner: Continue reading

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