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Autodesk Vernor Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been ongoing since August of 2007, regarding Mr. Vernor’s alleged sale of R14 on ebay.  Some aspects of the case have been settled but the ongoing current issue appears to be Copyright law and the EULA.

It’s touted as the Big Bad Wolf is squeezing Little Red Riding hood.  It would appear that way, perhaps if I just looked at the headlines, and the face value information. 

There has been considerable discussion about the possibility that the software was already upgraded, at a reduced upgrade fee (there was also a statement that this was not in the case documentation).  If it is true, then the individual accepted an agreement to upgrade or move up to a new product at a reduced cost, and subsequently stop using the old version.


I view a normal upgrade in the following mechanical fashion:

If the product was upgraded, the original is now UPGRADED, and no longer exists.  You can’t sell something that doesn’t exist.

But of course the tiny detail that Autodesk says in order to purchase the license, you agree not to release any portion of the software to any third parties.  Right or wrong, the statement is in there.  Read the EULA. 

I read all of the agreements and summaries that go along with the products, including trademark uses, etc.  I don’t agree with every detail in there, but I do know before I purchase, that the general idea that I can’t sell it again without written approval for Autodesk.

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