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Civil 3D – How do you use Civil?

Autodesk products have a long history of broad uses, form common to the really odd.  I first noted this when I began programming many years ago.  However as I began to concentrate on Civil 3D more and less on programming, this nuance faded from my consciousness a bit.  (I see it more on the Inventor side as I do more training and support).

The differing uses became quite evident during numerous meetings at AU this past December.  I met many people from different industries, and ran into situations with uses that varied significantly.

That said, I’d like to invite everyone to post how they use Civil 3D.  Just drop us a quick line about what you do and how you use the software.

  • What industry you work in?
  • In what daily capacity do you use Civil 3D?
  • What major portion of Civil do you use?
  • What major portion of civil do you not use?
  • What is your most and least favorite part of civil?
  • What is the wierdest, strangest, and off the wall thing Civil 3D has performed for you?

I will post the results in my next AUGI World Column.  I’d like to detail a wide cross section of uses, so get everyone you know to post their thoughts.

Here is your chance to get your name out there. I’ll credit those who participated and their company in the article.  I think this will turn out really great if we can get some participation.

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AUGI World Mag – Civil 3D SAP

AUGI World 6 Check out the Civil 3D column for details on the Civil 3D Subscription Advantage Pack in AUGI World Magazine.  Page 26.

AUGI World issue 6 low-resolution (9MB) version

AUGI World issue 6  high-resolution (47.5MB) version

Browse all AUGI World issues

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Autodesk University 2009 – Monday

I’m sure there was a lot going on, but I just could not seem to get into the groove until later in the evening.

AUGI Meeting

I had a little time to kill in the morning so I stopped off at the AUGI meeting.  There was some discussion about local user groups, volunteer action, and leadership.  An interesting study on interactive boundaries was brought up, and made me interested in seeing where the discussion was heading. However, I had to leave prior to the end, so I can’t say much more about it.


A nice hour+ with Usability

I then got down to a usability meeting with Ananth Uggirala, Carlos Olguin, and Erin Bradner (who was somewhere behind the scenes), who I always miss meeting.  We ran through scenarios, answered questions and played with things as directed.  It’s all hush hush, but I can say that each time I meet these folks I always go in with the premise that there won’t be anything too interesting, and leave with a bit more hope for the future.  They always surprise me. Ananth took a little extra time to discuss some interesting things about usability and development, and that helped me get over the fact that I missed the opportunity to meet with Elena Fadeeva’s study.

Blogger Social

I got there on time, but it seems that the early birds had already got things started downstairs at the Border Grill.  We all tried to get around and meet new people, discuss some business and some not so business topics.  The beer was cold and waitresses brought tapas about to munch on.  The stuffed date things were awesome.


Shaan Hurley took the mic and gave introductions and a welcome thank you to the crowd.  He then explained that his head would not be shaved until THURSDAY!

I got to thank Joseph Wurcher in person, and did not pass up photo ops with Lynn Allen and Karen Brewer, but we got kicked out before I could get the Civil Diva to take one with me.

SNC00115 SNC00116

AEC Mixer

We moved over to the AEC Mixer, that had obviously been going on for awhile.  The groups were quite dispersed, and seemed awkward, which I figure is because we got there so late.  Our group continued discussions from before, and tried to find some food and beer to go with it.  Ok, I tried to find food and beer while my friends made some pretty impressive BIM arguments.  Then we got kicked out of there too.


Free Beer over

I said good night and headed in.  The lower limit poker games were over, so I figured enough was enough.  The day wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but I got to meet some pretty cool folks, and got pictures with lovely ladies.  Not a bad night after all.

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Check me in AUGI World

image Check out my article in issue 4 of AUGI World magazine.

AUGI World magazine

AW Issue 4 – low Res download

I picked up a spot covering the Civil 3D Style Wizard.

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Autodesk University Reasons #5

Alright, now for the next installment.

Did you ever go on TDY or assignment that was boring.  The most exciting thing is when the hotel’s lounge puts out hot wings at happy hour?  No one wants to go see anything, and they are all personality challenged.  After class, the best food you can hope for is Denny’s. 

I’m not too sure that you will feel the same at AU.

#5 Amenities

I ate well.  Oh dear Lord, I ate well.  There is a buffet there with Bacon, sausage, eggs, bacon, a lot of different fruit, cereal, Coffee, bacon, muffins, Milk, different juices, bacon, and more stuff that I can’t remember.  I would get up early just so I had plenty of time for breakfast.  That’s just 1 meal.  There’s Breakfast, mid morning snack, Lunch, another snack I think, Supper, and midnight meal (not included in the package, that’s where you sober up at….).

There are wireless areas to catch up on your email and blogging.

There is a hall dedicated to hundreds of industry retail and support companies with toys and gadgets and FREE STUFF!!  Someone PLEASE get me an Autodesk shirt for my collection!!!! XL.

There are events every night like the AUGI Beer bust, bands, Casino night….

…and the TAO Civil community “What was Autodesk Thinking with an open Bar” 2006 All night festival.  Didn’t anyone tell management that the Civil guys all came in from a construction site somewhere.  The bartenders looked like deer in the headlights.  The scene reminds me of a pack of hungry coyotes…., It was savage.  The poor SOB serving shots on the outside balcony once asked, “Hey, who ordered these Shooters?”  It looked like Denzel Washington tried to walk through Opra’s audience.  I may never forget that night.  I wound up roaming the hallway near my room at 06:00 hrs with a heiney bottle still in my hand. I got my balance to see what time it was.  “Hey, the chow hall just opened”. Here we go again.

The food at the events is awesome too.  There’s no hotdogs or cold pizza.  It is roast beef, Rolls, Rice, veggies, Fish, Pork medallions.  There is no shortage of food or beer.  The Beer… it’s Heineken, Fosters, Corona, Bud and it’s buddies, Lowenbrau, St. Pauli Girl, Michelob, and wines too.  Maybe even Dos Equis too  ….I think I’m going to cry…

We once had Blue man group ….that was too fun!

One night there is nothing planned….we call it meet the natives night…well that is what we call every night.  Basically you get a bit of time to relax with some new friends and talk about AU.

There are the most amazing restaurants, every show you ever wanted too see, and THERE ARE CASINOS.  In 2006 there was this…….Ok, uh 2007 we all went to….ummmm, let’s just say I like Blackjack, beer, fun, and I have a cabbie friend on my cell phone speed dial to get me out of trouble. 

Oh, and don’t miss the AU Community Breakfasts.  The food is spectacular, and you get to meet a lot more people, and see some interesting things about your career field.

This sounds like a bunch of rediculous fun during an expensive educational TDY, and yes it is.  We all study real hard, literally running for one class to another.  It is exhausting and really stressful. So we play hard together, and develop professional relationships that otherwise couldn’t be made.  There is nothing else like it.

check back in for the last installment of my trip down memory lane…..”The Best Reason”

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