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Civil 3D – Point Drag Style Tip

I just released a Post about Drag styles for points on

Check it out.

Point Style Drag Tip on

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Civil 3D – Missing Point Label Controls

Very often people run into problems when their Points lose their controls.  The label controls, like drag label, rotate, etc.  This is caused by the elevation being NULL.

You may also notice in the image below that the label spacing is funky. We will cover that in another session.

When the Point is styled to display ‘using Point Elevation’, the point is physically elevated to elevation value.  When the Point elevation is NULL, it sends it to a default that is something like memory limit.  1.00E+20.


When inversing between #4566 and #4596, we get horizontal distance, but when inversing between #4566, and #4304, we get 1.00E+20, the same as the vertical distance.


A similar phenomenon occurs when point scaling.  My guess is that it is either a view memory limitation to something that is “beyond visible range”, or that the programming kills the control grips in this instance.

Either way, the solution is to format the Point label Style to ‘Flatten Points to Elevation”, and set to 0.


An alternative is to set the NULL Point elevations to 0 or some nominal value deemed to be invalid. The problem forsee is that if using the points at elevation was so important, these Null elevation points would not give accurate results, if given nominal values. 

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Civil 3D – Point Style Browse from Editor Tip

Ok, this isn’t rocket science, but some people don’t know about this.

If you want to assign a block to represent the point style, but it does not exist in the drawing, you can insert it without leaving the Style Editor.


Right Click in the Block list, and the ‘Browse…’ option will appear.  Select it, and Windows Explorer will let you navigate to the location, and insert the block you select.  This is a really nice feature.

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Civil 3D – Don’t forget the Field Book in Group Sorting

Ever get frustrated by the HUGE list of point groups you have developed in that 2 year + project?  Survey guys a bit overzealous with the Groups?  Reordering them is time consuming, but you can sort them in the Toolspace item view. 


Simply click on the header of your choice.  The application will alternately sort the collection by Ascending, Descending, and Current Group Order each time you pick it.  One thing I like to do up is to list my Field Book data first thing in the description field.  Then I can sort by field book as well.


You can sort by Name, Description, Style, Label Style, Number of Points, and Classification.  I can see using classification in the various sorting and collections coming in handy as well.


Ok, back to my Part Builder topics……

Civil 3D 2009 Menu

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Importing metric points into foot surface

I recently posted a solution to a metric data import problem.

Check it out on….

Importing Metric Point files into a Foot Surface on

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Survey Data Collection Link

I still communicate with people that don’t know the Survey Data Collection Link is available in the Survey Menu. (It seems like it disappeared in 2007, or 2008, I truly can’t remember.)  

Anyway, Here it is.


  Continue reading

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Points – LDD convert Preserve Layers

Does the “Preserve Original Layers” check box work when converting Land Desktop Points?  

This question was posted recently on the Discussion Groups. The answer is ONLY IF YOU FORCE IT.  


Go to Points Creation, and set MATCH ON DESCRIPTION PARAMETER to False

This will override the keys, and then the application should respect the check box

Even if you don’t have keys loaded, the application will still see the Use Desc key options, and ignore the other instructions.

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Part 3 of Point Creation Scenario

Check out Part 2 here.

In this discussion I will pick up here where we left off. We will cover Creating Points.
Here we will discuss:

  • Point Creation
  • Point Identity
  • Points created by Station and Offset on a Line
  • Minor adjustment to a Point Label Style
  • Editing Point Properties
  • Description Formatting Continue reading

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Point Arrow stop at Marker

How do you stop the Point Label Arrow at the Point Parker?

This question was posted to the Autodesk Discussion groups. Someone was kind enough to answer it there, but I thought a few screen shots would be nice for my group.  Continue reading

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Point Cleanup Mindset

This is the Default point display method we utilize here. This method allows me huge flexibility, and I rarely get that, “oops, I left a point layer on” problem.  This method may not be for you. Perhaps you will still get something out of this post.

This post is for all of my readers that are having troubles with layer inheritance and Legacy mindset. Yes Legacy Mindset is a disease! It can spread. Legacy understanding and memories of how things have evolved is essential. However holding on the methods of 5 years ago will make you unprofitable. 10 years old methods will make you unemployed.  Continue reading

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