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Civil 3D – 2010 Update 1

updated 8/82009

The Civil 3D 2010 Update 1 is available at the Autodesk service release site. 

I have updated and corrected the links for both Civil and Civil 3D, but the “…Autodesk product could not be located…” error is still there, no matter where the service pack was received from.  If anyone else is having the same problem, please post your issues here for the community.

Autodesk Civil Service Release site

Civil 2010 Update 1

Civil 3D 2010 Update 1

There is a wide array of fixes.  I noticed a lot of spiral geometry fixes, 2009 issues, and profile view fixes as well.  I have selected 1 item from each category listed in the README accompanying the installation.  There were at least 60 items:

General – AutoCAD Civil no longer closes unexpectedly when you run the LIST command on AutoCAD Land Desktop entities.

Alignments – Sample lines of an alignment that is a data referenced object no longer disappear when you use the RECOVER command to open the drawing containing such alignment.

API – Custom subassemblies can now be used from any folder (as was the case with previous releases), instead of having to be located in the default AutoCAD Civil subassembly location.

Corridor Design and Subassemblies – Retaining wall subassemblies (such as the RetainVerticalWall subassembly) now behave (draw) as expected when the Top Height parameter is set to zero, or close to zero.

Cross Section Views – Existing section view band labels are no longer erased when you update a section view group band set.

Grading and Feature Lines – The transition from a grading group to a surface now works as expected. No spikes in elevation appear at points where the transition crosses surface triangles.

Intersections – Dynamic offset alignments now correctly maintain their relationship to the parent alignment. Previously deleting certain sub-entities would remove the dynamic link.

Labels – Using multiple argument expressions in labels no longer returns an error message.

Object Enabler – You can now import Civil objects into Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 using the AutoCAD Civil 2010 Object Enabler.

Pipes – When exporting and then importing an STM file into AutoCAD Civil, the rim elevation and pipe invert values are now calculated as expected. The values are preserved and no longer change on import.

Plan Production – Match line labels are now correctly created only on the outside of the match line in the masked area on sheets. Previously, they were created on both sides of the match lines.

Points – AutoCAD Civil no longer closes unexpectedly when you view multiple points using the Object Viewer.

Profiles and Profile Views – A profile data band is blank if no surface data is available along a profile. Previously, profile data bands displayed 0.00 for points that had no surface data.

Project Management – AutoCAD Civil no longer closes unexpectedly when a file is saved to a Vault server with the "Create visualization attachment" option enabled.

Shortcuts – Layout profiles based on data shortcuts in an AutoCAD Civil 2009 drawing no longer move to different locations when the drawing is opened in AutoCAD Civil 2010.

Surfaces – AutoCAD Civil no longer closes unexpectedly when you perform various surface operations, such as adding breaklines, displaying contour lines, or adding point groups on surfaces that contain points with unknown elevations, and the contour display settings are turned on.

Survey – Importing or re-importing a field book file no longer assigns an Import Event to a figure that was created before the import.

Tables – Moving your cursor over a table no longer causes the program to close unexpectedly.

User Interface – Selecting the Google Earth Mesh command from the Insert tab on the ribbon now appropriately launches the Google Earth Mesh command.

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