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Civil 3D – 2010 Labels

Labels are predominantly the same as in 2009.  No big surprises.  There have however been some interaction enhancements.

Edit style of multiple Labels

We used to have iterate through a selection of Labels, selecting the desired change for each label as the application prompted over and over.  Not any more; select all the labels, hit Edit Label Style on the Ribbon Panel (or context menu), pick desired style, and poof-> they all update.



Note the changes of the leader grips.  Leaders can be edited to add segments, as well as moving the Leader location in relation to the label. 

To add a vertex to a leader, simply select the ‘+’ glyph, and drag.



To Remove a vertex, select the ‘-‘ glyph, and it’s gone.  If you want to reset the Leader location, select the ‘-‘ glyph over the Leader reference vertex.  Note the tool tip.


Note: Some labels respond this way, and some do not.  Parcel Area Labels do not.

Here are some more examples:

FG Profile Labels


Data Band Labels


Just give new things a try.

Label Style Composer


The Label style composer also has some changes, mostly icon enhancements, but there is a Component Draw Order added. The Data Band example above only has text, so I’ll will use a parcel tag as another example below.


If I find some more, I’ll let you know.

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