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Civil 3D – 2010 Setup

Well, guess what came in the mail from Santa. 

There were no surprises during the installation, but install configuration contained a bit more options than expected.  There were a great deal of path settings, of which I suspect were some of the program data options.  I left everything default except running all my Autodesk installs to the c:\Autodesk\ path as usual (instead of the c:\program files\ path).  As I suspected, everything installed to the locations I had become accustomed to.  If you don’t like where you pipe catalogs, etc are being installed, you may want to make some path changes now.



For what ever reason, my registration wigged out. 


I opted to try the website registration option.  It took me to a panel, which used my subscription login.  Once in, the registration interface asked for OS, and my serial number.  Then it wigged out again.

image  I can’t remember this much fun since the 2006 LDD installations.  I could wait for my IT guy, and the Autodesk response, to see if it is my extremely guarded server, or Something weird at Autodesk…… but….I can’t help myself.


At that point I tried the next button.  It asked for the Request code, and I fed that in, and then back to the same serial number window.  I fed it in again, and expected the same error message, but instead it again asked for the request code.  I fed it in AGAIN and it took….  Can’t figure this out, but it went through.  If you have a problem, I guess try the web interface.

One of the interesting things is the appearance of a product key on the DVD case.  Usually, subscription installations have no key.  Hmm.

Core Customizations

The 2010 lsp files are in the installation support folder, as usual, and nothing odd jumped out at me while I was there.  I immediately backed up my original 2010 Lisp file and the roaming user Civil 2010 support folder, moved my 2010 lisp file to the roaming folder, and began hacking it up.


Now to get some aged libraries and functions alive


A little 2009 to 2010 transition with textpad.

[TIP: If you are new to this, and have any customizations in the 2009 lisp file, core the customizations together.  This way it’s 1 stop shopping, rather than picking through the file for the data to move forward. I have mine with a lead in marker and a trailing marker so I can easily see what code is mine, and differentiate it quickly.]

Normally I would be bringing my CUI stuff over (ribbon Mods) but I think I will hold off until I get a feel for the new interface.  At least look at all the panels before I start ripping into them.  Say…lunch time.

Yes I am a bit overzealous… Let’s just say I was the first kid on this block to implement 2009 Civil 3D Customized ribbons.  I don’t take much time in getting to it.


Into Config, hit the Files, User Preferences, and Selection Tabs.  A few path additions, Right Click customizations, and Kill those 2 selection preview options.  Now copy SOME files (not the CUI) over to the Roaming user account, and let’s see if the stuff works.

Note: I found the Plot Styles path under the plotters folder.  I don’t remember it being there on 2009 installation.

Custom apps work in just under 5 minutes.  Everything seems to be configurable in the same manner as 2009.  Nice.  I did not go through my .NET apps, as they will take a bit more time to get arranged through the registry.  You can still see everything is business as usual with the open configuration, and config settings.

Next time, I’ll show you a few cool things with the CUI, and the context sensitive ribbons.  sweet…..

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