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Inventor 2010 – Here we go!

Ok, Autodesk has ripped the tape off of everyone’s mouth about Manufacturing today!  So I can tap dance around and yell 2010 all I want to now.



My associates at IMAGINiT beat me to the information, so let me highlight some of the features in their article.

Plastic Parts Handling

  • Plastic Parts design has been expanded to include Drag and Drop surface models from Alias
  • Move Bodies command creating editable accurate multi part moves
  • Updated Derive Command
  • 3D Sketch Silhouette curve (Example used was parting lines)
  • Multi element Grille openings, Bosses, Rests, Hook and Loop Snap Fits, and…
  • Rule Based Fillets


Tooling Design

  • Mold Design Features
  • Plastic Flow Analysis
  • Mold Base Libraries

Layout Design and Simulation

  • Enhanced Simulation Environment
  • Sketch Layouts and Sketch Blocks with associatively to dependent models….Top Down is so cool!!
  • Make Part and Component Commands
  • Unified and enhanced FEA environment!! Nice
  • New Solver Technology for complex assemblies


  • Shrink Wrap command to create solid of surface from Assembly
  • AEC Exchange for handing off to MEP applications
  • Catia V5 support
  • Increased workflow productivity

Interface Enhancements

  • The Ribbon
  • The Bonus pack axis labels are standard
  • Auto Save Functionality

Content Management

  • Stand-alone users in a content folder, and avoid SQL
  • Material guide to improve materials application and management.  There goes one of my big projects.  I’ll have to learn some new tricks huh?

Assembly Management

  • User Assigned Assembly Folders
  • UCS.  That’s scary
  • Add Part…a streamline version of Create Component
  • Save and Replace Component…Swap part with saved version

Sheet Metal

  • Contour Roll and Rip
  • Bend Order Annotation
  • Cosmetic Centerlines
  • Unfold Rules can use custom Equations
  • Radial Fill Groove Welds

Drawing Manger

  • Dual Units Display
  • Arrange Dimensions

Design Accelerators

  • Drum Cam Generator
  • Spur Gear Improvements


  • BOM Editor now Spreadsheet
  • Open Component from BOM
  • Hilted components while selecting cell rows

Other items include Multi Language support, attach text to leadered annotations, and Dimension Selection filters

….ooh and a cool new box.

Damn that was a lot of reading.  I hope this new version really puts some more motivation into the community to attract some crossover companies as well.  I will be checking the mail constantly for my new toy.   You’ll know when I get it.

Check out the IMAGINiT article for yourself

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