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Civil 3D – Sample test online

The Autodesk Civil 3D 2009 Professional sample test online.

OK, anyone with an extra 30 bucks should take 2 hours out of their life and try this test. 

I have always said the Professional performance based tests are easier than the ‘check all that apply’ Associate exam, and I still believe they are.  Yes, the Inventor Sample Professional test was fun, I mean something to do for 90 minutes of fun.

….the Civil 3D Associate test may be the hardest thing I will ever take. 

The Civil Pro sample test was written by hitler.  I think Dana and/or James wrote the thing. It is a beast. Did I pass, sure, but man was it more than I expected, and I did not get it done in 90 minutes either. 

More study on the road.  You may see my face on the news for being thrown from my vehicle and left behind by my family (they are sick of this process).

To add insult to injury, my wife just clepped a test on literature, and out of 80 questions, only missed 1.  If I don’t pass this test I’ll never hear the end of it.

Well, I got a portion of Part Builder 5 done, but I just couldn’t get it completed. I will be driving out 04:00 hrs tomorrow.  Sorry everyone.  When the tests are done, it’s part builder and Inventor Project.  All those waiting on me, don’t worry.

Those who care, send a prayer, I will need it.


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