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Autodesk University Reasons #6

I have written a lot about Autodesk University recently.  I can write volumes more about it, but I been reminded to cut it short. There is no doubt I love the experience, as I know all of you will too. 

I have fought a good fight to try and get there, and even this late in the game, I would jump at the chance and work out the disaster there if I got the chance to go.

The thing that begins to plague me now is all the new professional relationships I had hoped to solidify this December.  I will have to continue working on them, and hope for a great 2009.

I would like to remind everyone about my Reasons on Instructors…Seriously read it again, and go to check out those instructors.  Last year was incredible.

With that said, it is time to deliver the final point in our series

#6 the most important reason to attend

‘Cause I Wanna Go!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and a wonderful AU 2009.


November 26, 2008 - Posted by | Autodesk University

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