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Publish Content for Bolted Connection Part 3

Content Center Category Review

We need do some snooping.  We need to know where we are publishing the content.  The Countersunk Bolts Category is our target.  It would be ideal to publish our content to the sub category of ‘Wood Screws’ but alas, this cannot be.  You see the Design Accelerator has a limitation (I’ve heard this before….limitations), in that it will not use content below a certain sub-category.


The Bolted Connection Generator will only read from the Categories:

  • Countersunk
  • Hex Head
  • Hex Head – Flanged
  • Round Head
  • Set Screws

We cannot file our content appropriately and get the desired outcome.  Once again we have to hack up a beautiful landscape, but the benefits are worth it. (I am still convinced that I will find the directing XML, and modify the strings to go deeper.)

The publishing process will take our part, and store it with the iPart members as members of the new Content Center family.  The family will take on the properties of the parent category, and we need to know about that criteria.  We have to direct the publishing to map the iPart parameters to the appropriate category fields. 

Let’s take a look at the Category Properties for the Fasteners->Bolts->Countersunk sub-category.  You should see the list of data contained in the category, that gets passed down to the individual families contained therein.  It’s a form of inheritance.  Notice the Mapping field, and the Optional and Required options.  The required settings are brought in from the parent category, and cannot be left out of the mapping.

Below is a list of the parameters in the Countersunk Category that we will be publishing to.  It’s a bit daunting to figure out where our parameters will go.  We need a cheat sheet.  image

I’ve displayed a similar family published in the Countersunk category, that will serve as an example.  Notice on the left is the Category parameters, and the right is the Table columns.  Print this out.


During the publish, we will be asked to set our iPart parameters to the correct category parameters and this will serve as a guide.

Lets get to it.

Component Authoring

Under the Tools Menu, select Component Authoring.  The Publish Guide dialog will appear.  Select the Read/Write Library to publish into. Hit next.


The Component Authoring dialog will appear. Select the Category that will contain your new family.  Note that in the event that different category is selected other than the one that the sample came from, then you may see the following warning.


Either way, if you want to get through, you will have to select Yes.  This just means that all the similar mapping that would have been remembered, will be lost, and you will have to do it all again. (that is why we have a cheat sheet, right)  If you don’t see this, then some of your work will already be done.


Under the Parameter Mapping you will set all those parameters to match the Category. 


When completed the settings can be saved by hitting OK, or published immediately by hitting Publish Now.  Go ahead and Publish Now.

The Publish Guide will ask which parameters will be used in the part selection when inserting content Center parts into an assembly.  We need to identify the parameters below (SIZE SEL, NND, NLG).  Hit Next.


Now the Publish Guide asks us to set the naming of the new family.  Use a similar naming compared to the others in the same category, but that describes the part well.


Hit next.  The application will ask what image you want mapped to the family display in the Content Center Library.  Navigate to the one you want. (I rendered the part to a quick PNG for the Family)

Select OK, and the process is completed.  A notice will come up and let you know if it was successful, or not. If so, you will see your new family in the Content Center.  If not, you will have to start over.  Possible reasons for failure are mapping parameter mismatch, and typing variables improperly, and using the same name as an existing family.

Check back in for the last post in the series, Content Center editing and Bolted Connection Generator.

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