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Raster 2009 Hotfix

The solid fill patch has been out for awhile, but because I never remember when setting up Raster, I thought I’d remind everyone else.

If you install Raster Design 2009, the solid fill in AutoCAD will be lost.  Truly anoying.  The hotfix is located here:

The installation instructions are here:

Close all Autodesk applications and replace the XML file supplied.  The readme will explain everything.

Now you can find out how many solids you blindly created on top of each other…

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Pipe Vertical Clearance adjustment

Have you ever had that pipe that just wouldn’t give you the vertical clearance you need.  I mean “just give me 3….. more…. inches!!!!!”.

Nope. Not happening.


In the image above, you should see that I have changed the Vertical Pipe Clearance to 6″.  I did this through XML.

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October 31, 2008 Posted by | AutoCAD Civil 3D, Part Builder, Pipes | , , , , , , , | 1 Comment