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How to get the OLD Mtext editor back

This was posted on the Civil 3D discussion group:

Type MTextEd at the command line and then type OldEditor in the command line. Now the Mtext will utilize the old editor like in previous versions. 

Probably could make a lisp to switch between the two

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Renumber Alignment Labels with Overlapping sequences

The following question was posted to the Civil 3D Discussion groups. 

I have a drawing with 20 road alignments and I am trying to create curve tables for them. I want the table for each road to start at 1. When I tag each curve, they keep going in numerical order…. Even if I change the numbering options to 1 before I label them….

Overlapping Tag Label Numbering

In Civil 3D 2008, the Parcel and Alignment Tag numbering was a site oriented thing. I worked it out by keeping different tables for each site, and went on my merry (and not so merry) way. Civil 3D 2009 seems to have lumped all the tags into a big pot. Overlaps can occur with labels on the same Site. I like this much better, and I have more flexible control. No more auto labeling in the 500’s, and then manually renumbering tags into the range I wanted. YES! Continue reading

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Pipe Network Default Naming Conventions

Is it possible to change the format how a structure is named?  This question was asked on the Civil 3D Discussion Board threadID=699535

Pipe Network Structures, and Pipes themselves are named by the default naming conventions found in the command settings for CreateNetwork. When Structures and Pipes are added to the Network, the naming is derived from the Network itself. Each Structure and Pipe can be manually renamed as well. 

To change the way the new objects are named, you may adjust the naming conventions in the following manner: Continue reading

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