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Tiered Grading in a hurry

Recently in one of the Civil 3D discussions, a poster requested a fast solution to a multi tiered grading. The requirements were 2 tiers@ 1:1 cut slope, each 4.5m deep, with a flat 1m land in between, and it appeared flat at the bottom. The fill slope was similar, but @2:1 slope. 

In an attempt to VERY quickly help the poster, I use feet in this ugly example, but the process is the same.

Yes, I intend to repost something a bit more well rounded, but for now, I have other client’s to tend to.


I created a feature line, and using the standard Autodesk Relative Elevation @ Slope grading criteria, I applied the first tier grading (-4.5 @1:1). Then I applied to the newly created feature line at new edge of the grading, the standard relative elevation @ distance, and created the land (0’@1′). I then applied the initial sloped grading criteria to the feature line at the new edge of the land grading, just like before.  

Since this is a cut slope, I need to get out of the hillside I dug into. I created a simple Grade to Surface criteria and applied it the feature line created at the edge of the lower tier grading, and entered 1% for a grade, and selected the Existing Grade surface to grade to. The result came out as shown below.  

  Yeah, I know, that plan view is funky. Did I mention I needed the example quick?  


This is the view from the Object Viewer.

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  1. Ya, it helps. Thank you

    Comment by Li Ling | October 21, 2008 | Reply

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