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Point Arrow stop at Marker

How do you stop the Point Label Arrow at the Point Parker?

This question was posted to the Autodesk Discussion groups. Someone was kind enough to answer it there, but I thought a few screen shots would be nice for my group. 

When a Point Label is dragged off of it’s default location a dynamic leader forms. Nothing new, right? Did you know that you can control how it appears? The Autodesk default is for the leader to end at the node of the Point, the Center. What if you had a large symbol, and you did not want the arrow cutting into the center? Try the following: 


Create a new Point and make sure it’s styles are set to be standard (or whatever your default style is). Navigate to Settings Tab->Points->Point Styles->Rt Click on the Standard style. Under the Summary Tab, you should find the Marker location. At the top you should find ‘Leader stops at marker’. I have made sure mine was set to ‘no’ for the above example.

…Stop the arrow at the edge (here the size is set to 0.008″) of the marker? No, thank you.

If you set it to ‘yes’, then the arrow will only go to the distance specified as the size of the marker. 

I’m sure this will help my group, and I hope this helps everyone else too.

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