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Point Cleanup Mindset

This is the Default point display method we utilize here. This method allows me huge flexibility, and I rarely get that, “oops, I left a point layer on” problem.  This method may not be for you. Perhaps you will still get something out of this post.

This post is for all of my readers that are having troubles with layer inheritance and Legacy mindset. Yes Legacy Mindset is a disease! It can spread. Legacy understanding and memories of how things have evolved is essential. However holding on the methods of 5 years ago will make you unprofitable. 10 years old methods will make you unemployed. 

I found this in a current drawing where someone did not establish a few basic standards we employ here. I tried a typical workflow, and things were not working out. The standard Point Style (the default, yes I use the Autodesk default) has it’s layers set to ‘0’. This makes the display completely Object dependant. This requires a lot of knowledge about the project, and does not lend itself to others being productive in your drawings.  

This is the _All Points Point Group.  This group traps ALL the points, and no other group below this one in the list has any Display Control.  Its the ‘Last line of defense’, or ‘where the rubber meets the road’.  If no other styles above this query the points first, they are controlled here.  You might refer to this as the Default Group.

Select the _ALL_POINTS Point Group. Right Click and select PROPERTIES.  Under the Default Styles select the Edit button next to the Point Style STANDARD.  Pick the Display Tab.

I use a set of point display layers that are a bit off standard. It pulls them out of the way. I would suggest that you employ a _C3D-POINTS layering (or something like that). Notice the underscore. This will drive them to the top of the layer list. I use this for many objects that don’t have a specified purpose. You might think of them as Default Display layers. Eventually as things are shaped, more Display styles are assigned, and the data displays under other specific constraints. If it has no constraints, then I probably don’t want it to display. (I have a style for everything)


Here you should notice that I have changed the Display Layers to the ‘Default Layer’. This will cause the Point Style and Label Style to use the _C3D-POINTS layer. If the Label Style Layer is set to ‘0’, then the _C3D_POINTS Layer properties will filter through (essentially it will be yellow, and will dissapear if you freexe the _C3D-POINTS Layer). 

So you could set up a generic group of Label display styles PED, PD, etc. that would take on the properties of the point that it rests on. Kind of like a remote adaptation thing. The style would then be quasi Object driven.  1 good set of Label Styles to display information, and a good set of Points Styles that not only feed the information, but also when and what color it should display.

This is not the best approach for ALL your applications by any means, but having this as PART of your everyday arsenal is ideal.  Look for a post soon on Visual Sorting Sets. 

We rarely freeze Point Object Layers anymore. When we need to plot, we freeze the _C3D-POINTS layer, and plot. Nothing else needs to be thought out. No specific Point layers to freeze or not. No oops I forgot that point layer. It is SOOOOO Nice. The Display styles dictate what is going to the plotter. If we don’t want existing utilities, then we freeze the Ex-Ut-* layers. Point displays are set there. Everything in the drawing, AutoCAD entities and Civil Entities all Display to the same layers.  It is VERY efficient.


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